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My Story

Forget the pencils and paints, I draw with pebbles and shells. I use natural, static materials to create pictures that point us to Jesus and his incredible love for us. I'm inspired by Bible verses and my own relationship with the Lord, and I aim to bring the materials to life by mimicking our body language to portray emotion and connection. I aim to give us a new perspective on the beauty of God's creation by using these materials in ways we may not have seen them before.

Anna Grace Bell Art 

I grew up in Derbyshire and every year holidayed by the sea in North Wales. I have always loved the beach and spotting beautiful shells with their fascinating colours, patterns and textures. With a dream to be an artist I graduated with a Fine Art degree from Leeds University in 2011, but after three intense years dippingmy toes into the art world I needed a break. I abandoned the artist dream and threw myslef into a career in travel, and have been based in South West London for the past 9 years. 

Finally in 2019 I started creating pebble art pictures for friends and family and in 2020 turned it into a business. 

I create a range of different products including commissioned pebble art pictures, custom designed prints, greetings cards, homeware products, digital artwork and posters for church.

To see the full range of my commissions visit my Instagram and Facebook pages.

You can find me on:
Cheerfully Given
Christian Creative Directory
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Email: [email protected]

I hope you enjoy my work and please send me an email with any questions or queries.

Love and blessings,