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Pebble Art Masterclasses

Would you like to try something new and get crafty with friends, family or your church? 

Hosting a pebble art workshop is a fabulous idea for hen-dos, baby showers, church and school events or just to get your friends together for a bit of quality time to try something new and have a lot of fun along the way! So why not try a Pebble Art Masterclass hosted by me?

I will teach you the basics of pebble art, and you will get to design your own picture, glue it down and take it home with you in a lovely 6x6-inch box frame.

How long does the workshop last?

The workshop will take in total about 2.5-3 hours.

I will do a 20-30 minute tutorial at the beginning talking through the different materials and how to use them with ideas for inspiration for your pictures along the way. 

I’ll give you 30 minutes to design your pictures, and I will be on hand to help with any questions.

It usually takes about an hour to glue down the designs and wait for them to dry.

"I was delighted to see how it all came together. The tables were beautifully set with the pebbles, stones and driftwood sorted and labled to help us, the glue and frames ready, with the template practise sheets, and examples of words which could be chosen." - Andrea

What’s included in the cost?

The cost is £39pp for a minimum of 6 people, and this includes the following:

  • Materials (pebbles, driftwood and shells)
  • Super glue
  • Paper
  • 6x6” box frame per person
  • Basic stationary (pens, pencils, erasers, rulers)
  • My travel costs within a 10-mile radius, for locations further away I will add an additional fee 
  • Table cloths (the glue goes everywhere!)
  • For every 10 places you book, get one place free!

How do I host the perfect pebble art workshop?

It’s lovely to host smaller events at home, if so make sure you have a large enough table to fit everyone around for the frames and materials, I can help advise on this. It’s always nice to have some nice drinks and nibbles to keep the creative juices flowing throughout the workshop. 

If you would like to host an event at your church, then having welcome drinks and light refreshments works really well. If you are inviting visitors and friends then this is a great time to help everyone relax before we dive into the creating. I recommend a group of 35 people maximum for a church event, with 6 foot tables of 4-5 people. For larger events, it’s a really good idea to create a table plan so that friends are seated together, it also makes the evening feel more like a proper event and a night to enjoy.

I will prepare all of the materials, the frames and arrive in good time (depending on how big the event is I will arrive 1-2+ hours before the kick off time) and set everything up for you. 

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Pebble Art Masterclass and would highly recommend booking a place. Simple step-by- step instructions allowed us to plan, prepare and create a pebble art picture of our own. The session was relaxing and fun and Anna Grace beautifully explained the Christian message by sharing her own stunning pebble art projects. A great class to do with friends, or on your own - no artistic ability required as lots of inspiration is provided."  - Shobi

Does there need to be a theme for the workshop?

It is totally up to you, if you’d like to host a hen do or baby shower I can definitely bring materials which are on the wedding or baby theme and focus on those sorts of designs, but it’s also nice to let your attendees have free reign of their piece.

This all sounds exciting! What’s next?

I’m so glad that you’d like to host a workshop! The next thing to do is pop me an email [email protected] and please include the dates, times, approximate number of people, the purpose of the event, location and any other information. I will set up a call and we can have a chat about how it can all work.

"Your art work is beautiful but to hear the tips such as a firm base, looking not just at colour and shape but also texture, simple explanations of a body made of one part, two or three and tilts, to give emotion and movement were not things any of us would come up with on our own. I love the way you illustrate Scripture and your faith and reflections about the natural materials came across so well." - Andrea

I’d really like to host a Gospel outreach event at my church, how can this work?

As a Christian, I love to express my love for Jesus in a creative way, and a pebble art workshop is a great way to introduce the Gospel. During the tutorial at the beginning of the workshop I weave into the teaching three reasons why I love to make pebble art pictures:

  1. I love the beauty of the uniqueness of the organic materials. Each pebble, piece of driftwood and every shell are all completely unique and they’ve all been on a journey, they have all weathered a storm, been churned up on the bottom of the sea bed and crashed against the rocks. Each piece tells a story.
  2. The bible describes Jesus as the “Rock of salvation” - I love to make the Rock of Salvation out of rocks! I use a couple of my designs to show Jesus’ compassion for us which helps to show how you can add emotion to your designs.
  3. I love to make broken pieces into beautiful pictures, and this is what Jesus does with us - He takes the broken pieces of our hearts and makes us into new creations by His saving grace. We can all relate to weathering the storms of life and being worn down by the brokenness of the world around us and our own hearts, but if we trust in Jesus then He promises to be with us in the storms and bring us safely home when He returns.
If you would like to host your event at Christmas or Easter then I can include how the Christmas and Easter story are all part of God's plan of salvation.

"I had such a lovely time at the pebble master class! Not only did I come home with my own work, I loved how the process helped me reflect on how Jesus cares for us." - Agnes

If you have any further questions please feel free to get in touch and I hope to hear from you soon.

Anna Grace x

Email enquiries: [email protected]